Speaking Events

april 4, 2019

Phoenix, Arizona


Author Dave Kinsey will review cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, discuss the history behind the movement, and answer questions.

april 19, 2019

Tucson, Arizona

Pima County Bar Association CLE

Dave Kinsey will be presenting a 2-hour continuing legal education seminar with attorney Susan Goodman called “Privacy and the Law in 2019”

May 23, 2019

Salina, Kansas

Tech Edge, Keynote Speaker

Dave Kinsey will be a keynote speaker at this one-day business IT conference aimed at educating businesses on new and upcoming technologies.

June 27, 2019

Chandler, Arizona

2019 Arizona State Bar Convention

IP Presentation on Blockchain

Dave Kinsey will be participating in a Pro vs. Con debate on Blockchain technology.


June 28, 2019

Chandler, Arizona

2019 Arizona State Bar Convention

TECHTalks 2.0:  Law-Related Technology and Practice 2.0

The program follows a TEDTalks format, where multiple speakers will each give 15-20 minute presentations on various law-related technology issues.  Topics include practice management tools and leadership, malware, blockchain, e-discovery, and ethics.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. “Tone from the top” for law firm cybersecurity, including malware/ransomware, and encryption
  2. Artificial intelligence in e-Discovery and legal research, Blockchain, and the use of e-Discovery tools in non-litigation contexts
  3. Office 365 and voice-activated tools for practice management, and ethical issues for cloud data

Presented by:

Technology Advisory Group

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The Blockchain Code


IT and finance expert releases surprising expose about the creation of Bitcoin, how it works, and why it matters. Among the revelations, evidence suggests that at least one Russian Cypherpunk was involved in the development of Bitcoin as early as March 2006. There are even links between the Blockchain story and the 2016 US presidential election and the Mueller investigation that are clearly explained for the first time.

Nearly everything that has been written about Blockchain is incorrect or misleading. Investors, regulators, businesses, and governments are investing in technology that they do not understand. The Blockchain Code by Dave Kinsey aims to set the record straight and explains the technology in simple, yet accurate terms. Blockchain advocates have hailed the technology as the solution to many of the world’s problems, including waste management. Critics have derided the technology itself as hyped and inefficient garbage. So, what’s the truth?

Kinsey challenges both the Blockchain skeptics and “experts.” Blockchain skeptics are often too quick to dismiss the technology without understanding it.  Blockchain preachers frequently speak with passion and conviction but are wrong about basic facts of the technology. Blockchain proponents propose a new way for the world which deserves to be accurately understood by everyone.